About Us

Meet Revnue

We’re a hard working team and family of people living and working in 4 countries (and growing!). Our goal is to help companies solve the difficult task of contract management through an easy to use platform, that is both extensible and powerful. We believe that with the right tool, companies, economies, people and the world can grow and prosper.

  • Bring Value to Each Customer
  • Treat Others with Respect
  • Give Back to Our Communities


The idea for Revnue came from first-hand experience in dealing with the challenges of contract management.

Change the World

Our vision is to fundamentally change how the world manages contracts, assets, suppliers and everything in between.


We're technologists at heart and our focus is to build Revnue into a next-generation contract management platform.

Meet the Team

Founding Team

Sunny Sharma

Founder and CEO

John Cortez

Founder and COO

Michael Ngo

Founder and CTO
Meet the Team

Team Revnue

Sylvia Quach

Head of Engineering

Cindy Wu

Head of Operations

Kristina Isagunde

Operations Manager

Roselle Ebarle

Lead Software Engineer

Kay Apao

Senior Software Engineer

Ken Vilar

Senior Software Engineer

Moon Hui Lee

Senior UX UI Designer

Pauline Anasco

Software Engineer

Nikki Abarca

Front-End D

Namita Awasthi

Marketing Content Strategist

Lorie Anne Castillano

Software Engineer

Marielen Diaz

Front-End Developer

EL Jalalon

Customer Support Engineer

Chesil Juanich

QA Engineer

Juvelyn Lobingco

QA Engineer

Norly Lomeda

Senior Customer Support Engineer

Marisa Quiaot

Senior QA Engineer

Jennie Ramos

Software Engineer

Pratishtha Vashishta

Marketing Research Intern

Minette Vera Yuson

Front-End Developer

Ken Yuson

Customer Support Engineer