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Join us in revolutionizing Contract Lifecycle and Asset Management by becoming a distributor, reseller, or independent reseller. Partnering with Revnue provides you with the tools and support needed to deliver our innovative solutions to your market.

Why Partner with Revnue?

Innovative Solutions

Our cutting-edge Contract Lifecycle and Asset Management solutions are designed to streamline operations, reduce costs, and improve efficiency for businesses of all sizes.

Comprehensive Support

We offer extensive training, marketing materials, and dedicated support to help you succeed.

Unique Offerings:

Our powerful tool combines CLM and ALM solutions, making it a valuable addition to your portfolio.

Market Expansion

Partnering with Revnue allows you to expand your market reach and offer advanced solutions to your clients.

Multiple Revenue Streams

Benefit from our subscription-based model and professional services, creating diverse income opportunities.

Exclusive Resources

Gain access to exclusive resources, including sales tools, marketing collateral, and partner-only events.

Our Programs


  • Ideal for businesses that sell directly to end-users.
  • Responsibilities: Sell and support Revnue products within your market.
  • Benefits: Sales training, lead generation support, and competitive pricing.

Independent Reseller

  • Perfect for individual entrepreneurs or small businesses.
  • Responsibilities: Promote and sell Revnue products independently.
  • Benefits: Flexible working arrangements, sales incentives, and direct support.

Referral Program

  • Suitable for individuals or companies that want to earn commissions by referring new customers to Revnue.
  • Responsibilities: Refer potential customers to Revnue, track referrals, and facilitate introductions.
  • Benefits: Attractive referral fees, easy tracking of referrals, and dedicated referral support.

Technology Partner Program

  • For technology companies looking to integrate their solutions with Revnue’s platform.
  • Responsibilities: Develop integrations, ensure compatibility, and collaborate on joint solutions.
  • Benefits: Technical support, co-development opportunities, joint marketing initiatives, and access to Revnue’s API.

Consulting Partner Program

  • Geared towards consulting firms that provide advisory services to businesses on contract and asset management.
  • Responsibilities: Recommend and implement Revnue solutions as part of broader consulting services.
  • Benefits: Training and certification, access to sales and marketing resources, and joint client engagement opportunities.

Training Partner Program

  • For companies or individuals specializing in training and development who want to offer Revnue product training.
  • Responsibilities: Conduct training sessions, develop training materials, and support customer onboarding.
  • Benefits: Certification as an official Revnue trainer, access to training resources, and revenue sharing from training sessions.


  • Suitable for companies with established distribution networks.
  • Responsibilities: Distribute Revnue products to resellers and end-users.
  • Benefits: Volume-based pricing, marketing support, and priority support.

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    Our Trusted Partners

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    Microgenesis is one of the leading I.T. companies whose aim is to make IT easy for its clientele by designing, building, securing, managing, and maintaining their I.T. infrastructure and I.T. assets through its expertise in Cybersecurity, Hybrid Cloud, Network & Communication, Data Center Facilities, Digital Transformation, and Automation Solutions, Professional IT and Managed Services, IT Education, Software Subscriptions and Licensing, Compute Devices and Computer Rental. 

    ASA Computers Inc. is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company and has been the leader in server products, computing and networking since 1989. They pride themselves in providing superior server design at competitive costs. ASA’s servers help individuals, companies and organizations to provide more efficient work with a higher ROI for products and services.

    SquareOps is a team of DevOps specialists, solution architects, and cloud security experts who drive business and embrace the power of cloud platforms. SquareOps is a one-stop solution for any enterprise, regardless of size or industry, that wants to grow by taking advantage of the benefits of cloud-native platforms. 

    Cansulta was created to support the ambitions of small and medium enterprises by providing access to a trusted network of experienced consultants ready to provide the specialized advice that clients need, when they need it.

    Suvon bridges innovation internationally and supports global development with a strong scope in the MENA Region. is a Suvon Corp. project and runs as an online innovation platform allowing international projects and start-ups the ease of exposure into the MENA Region for crowd-funding and/or brand market growth.

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