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  • What makes Revnue unique?

    Revnue is the only AI-powered intelligent digital contract management software that addresses pre-signature, e-Signature, and post-signature in a unified way.

    Most existing solutions have all been built in the pre-microservices era, thus limiting their scale and speed of innovation.

  • What is the cost structure per user?

    We make pricing easy with our industry disruptive pricing model with unlimited users.
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  • How long does it take to get up and running?

    Once contracts have been mirrored, the system is ready to give you the data and insight you need to make informed business decisions. Depending on the number of contracts, you can be up and running in 48 hours or less.

  • How are contracts entered into Revnue?

    There are several ways to enter a contract into Revnue:

    • Manually add a contract, by drag/dropping or browsing to the current share drive
    • Add a contract using Rev[AI]
    • Add a contract through API Integration
    • Emailed through Smart Inbox™ for full contextual scan
    • Managed onboarding service

    From there, data profiles are built for each contract – allowing NLP to answer any question you may have in seconds.

  • Is the Revnue platform secure?

    Revnue makes security our top priority. All users access Revnue via SSO (Single Sign-On). All customer data is uniquely silo’d, encrypted and stored in secure regional cloud data centers. There are no shared elements between customers. Revnue is also ISO Certified.

  • Do you offer consulting services?

    We offer a full range of professional services based on your needs. Our team of seasoned professionals are ready to assist.

  • Do you offer an API to connect to popular applications?

    Yes, through our public API.

    Additionally, we have a Zapier app that allows us to seamlessly integrate with more than 4,000 applications using the Zapier platform.

  • What is your support model?

    Support responses are offered within 24 hours via email and live chat. In addition, we do offer dedicated support models as part of our professional services.

  • Is the Revnue platform patented?

    Our Revnue platform and Rev[AI] engine are patent pending.

  • Is Revnue ISO certified?

    Yes, Revnue was awarded ISO 27001:2013 certification as of June 2, 2022.

  • How does Revnue send reminders or flags?

    Our Rev[AI] engine sets reminders and flags to help alert users automatically for pending milestones like expirations, warranties, SLA thresholds, etc. In addition, customers also have the flexibility of adding their own customized alerts that are specific to their business based on any metadata.

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