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Contract Lifecycle Management

What is Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM)? A Comprehensive Guide

Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) refers to the management of a business’ contract right from the initiation through its expiry. From reducing risk to improving productivity, CLM might be the big fillip that your business needs. According to Gartner, “CLM is evolving from an operational record-keeping system, primarily used for legal audit purposes, to an enterprise-level… Read more »

Sales Contract Management Software

5 Ways Sales Team Use Contract Management Software to Shorten Sales Cycle

Sales teams want to close deals quickly. From being able to manage the customers’ contracts properly to creating comprehensive revenue reports, sales teams have a number of objectives to achieve. Using a contract management software to store and manage contracts can help sales teams simplify their day-to-day operations and focus on their core job of… Read more »

Smart Contract Management Solution

6 Tips For Smarter Contract Management

More often than not, a contract, once signed, gathers dust in the drawer of an office  cabinet or lays unnoticed in someone’s computer. It gets talked about only when something goes wrong. Unfortunately, there can be terrible effects if a contract is not managed well. Sometimes, even a simple, unintentional oversight can result in millions… Read more »

Contract Management Software for Small Business

Enterprise Contract Management Software: A Valuable Asset for Global Firms

People in today’s society are expected to accomplish a lot with little. While it may work most of the time, putting too much emphasis on productivity might lead to inadvertent shortcuts and omissions. Given the limited resources, contract management software helps small businesses and entrepreneurs to be more efficient in their work while ensuring that… Read more »

Benefits of Contract Management Platform

5 Real Benefits of Contract Management System in 2023

How do companies like Amazon or Netflix manage their contracts? Most likely, through an automated contract management platform. Without the ability to easily access digital contracts, things can quickly take an unprecedented turn, as evidenced in numerous events related to breaches and conflicts regarding misunderstood contracts. Contract management includes contract implementation, vendor selection, issue identification… Read more »

Contract Intelligence Platform

What is Contract Intelligence and How Can it Help You?

Today, only 20% of businesses say automating tasks such as invoicing and contract validation is the second most crucial use of AI. However, one reason for the slower adoption of artificial intelligence in contract management is the lack of awareness and pervading confusion about what is contract lifecycle management and what is an intelligent contract.… Read more »

Contract Management Challenges

What Are The Top Contract Management Challenges Today

One of the most memorable contract management slip-ups of all time is recorded between 20th Century Fox and Hollywood film director George Lucas (Star Wars, Indiana Jones). In a bid to minimize the potential losses, 20th Century Fox signed over licensing and merchandising rights of the famous Star Wars movies to its director Lucas. At the time,… Read more »

Contract Management Benefits

7 Industries That Cannot Do Without Contract Management

The year is 2013. Facebook’s team is  trying to detect a breach of its contract with British consulting firm Cambridge Analytica. The latter had collected personal data of millions of users without consent, to be used for political advertising later. What followed next was a series of negative publicity that damaged Facebook’s stock value, eliminating… Read more »

Digital Contract Management

What Is Digital Contract Management and Why Do Companies Need It?

Businesses revolve around contracts. And contracts pile up as organizations grow and the number of transactions increases. That’s when companies realize they need a process for storing, tracking, analyzing contracts to reduce financial risk and maximize operational and financial performance. A digital information system that saves and manages a company’s contracts and other contract-related documents… Read more »

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