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Unified Data = Business Agility

Our patent pending AI-powered contract management software, along with our algorithm using enhanced machine learning, processes, discovers, and learns your contract data – building robust digital profiles of every contract. Every user is now connected to a single source of truth.
You will become more effective in your role because you’ll have complete visibility into your department and business. Access data in seconds, simply by asking questions. Search for anything across any document using Revnue’s AI based contract management software. Less time wasted on contract chaos and spreadsheets – and more time on business value activities.


Answers at the speed of business

When time matters, our Natural Language Processing (NLP) powered by Rev[AI] empowers you to access data when you need it, by simply asking questions of your data.


Learn at scale

Our AI-powered Rev[AI] engine with its advanced Machine Learning (ML) capabilities, processes, discovers, and learns your data, building digital profiles of your dataset. These digital profiles enable traceability – bringing together your contract, asset, customers, and supplier data into a single source of truth.

Now that alot of our business is automated, it's also given me personally more than 10 hours a week back in saved time.

Dave Ung, Owner & Operator of Black Diamond Ranch

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Single source of truth

Rev[AI] brings together your data, ensuring all stakeholders are using the same data to make data-driven decisions. No matter where your data lives, Revnue brings it all together to simplify finding the most up-to-date information.


Process data at scale

Through the power and scale of Rev[AI], we uncover valuable contract insights that are often buried deep inside the terms and conditions or complex contract language. Process dozens to thousands of files with the click of a button and share that information between Revnue and other systems through our public API or iPaaS (such as Zapier).

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