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Contract intelligence is power

Revnue’s AI-powered contract management software connects departments across your business with a single source of truth – giving every user visibility, data, and agility to make key business decisions that impact your bottom line.


Revnue Platform

Contract management in 3 easy steps

  1. We mirror all of your contracts into our secure Smart Repository.
  2. Our Rev[AI] engine contextualizes all of the contract data and learns key words and phrases.
  3. Revnue allows instant Full Visibility and access to data, insights, and reports.

Unified Platform

Contracts, assets, data, suppliers, and customers - all in one place

Unified contract management platform
Easily manage all your contracts on the Buy-Side or Sell-Side. Vendor management, customer management, and asset management in one location.

Automate common business processes
Automate manual business processes through powerful integrations with existing systems or applications.

Frictionless collaboration
Enable greater collaboration across your entire business with the best contract management platform experience designed for teams.

Smart Repository

A secure contract data repository as the single source of truth

AI-powered Contract Engine
Mirror your contract data, one or thousands of files at a time, through our AI-powered engine.

Smart Repository and Smart Inbox
Quickly and easily store your documents in your very own contract repository solution, smart repository, using Smart Inbox, our API, or Managed Service.

Enhanced search
Instantly search and locate key contract terms with full-text or keyword searches.

Secured in the cloud
All data is encrypted and stored in secure cloud data centers.

Integrated customers, suppliers, assets and SaaS management

A holistic view across contracts, customers, suppliers, and assets

Complete Traceability
Keep track of the assets, services, including warranties and support, and other items transacted within contracts (and images).

Go Beyond Your Data
Optimize business decisions using metadata consolidated from your contracts and everything that’s tied to them.

Data-driven Decision Making
Gain visibility into your data and accelerate your business.

Now that alot of our business is automated, it's also given me personally more than 10 hours a week back in saved time.

Dave Ung, Owner & Operator of Black Diamond Ranch

product extensibility

Unlimited Extensibility

Define and use custom attributes for anything, literally anything

Yours to Shape
Your business is one of a kind, so adapt Revnue as you see fit by adding custom attributes to incorporate every bit of information that’s relevant to you.

For Every Industry, for Every Vertical
Revnue’s ability to evolve for and add value to every business make it suitable across industries and verticals.

Enterprise-Wide Integrations

Integrate with your favorite applications, seamlessly

Public APIs
Integrate with any system inside and outside your organization.

Zapier App
Automate your workflows by integrating with 4,000+ applications using Zapier. Just use the Revnue app in Zapier to unlock unlimited data and automation use cases

Simplify contact management with e-Signature digital contract signing

Execute contracts more efficiently than ever before with e-Signature by Revnue. With integrated e-Signature, your signed contracts can automatically be brought into Revnue.

Contracts, Assets, Suppliers, Customers, and Signatures. Now, all in one place.

Revnue® is helping businesses connect and scale.

Customer Success Stories

e-Signature designed to simplify your document workflows

Keep Contracts Secure

All your documents are stored in secure, cloud-based infrastructure with multiple layers of protection – including bank grade SSL and multi-factor authentication for added security.

Reusable Templates Save Time

Send documents out for signature quicker, faster, and easier using e-Signature templates. Templates minimize errors and reduces the time to takes to close a deal. A disciplined company-wide contract management solution provides upside to your finance team.

Organized by Design

As your documents are signed, the executed copies are automatically mirrored in your Revnue account. Once there, they can easily be converted to a digital contract for easy search and reporting.

Legally Binding

Documents e-Signed through Revnue are legally binding under the ESIGN Act of 2000 and have the same legal standing as pen and paper. Affixed to each e-Signature request is a non-editable audit trail to ensure every action is thoroughly tracked and time stamped.

Advanced Features

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