Supplier Management

Make Your Supplier Relationships Easier to Manage, Track, and Optimize.

Struggling to find a supplier management system that actually works? Revnue’s contract intelligence platform features an automated approach for all facets of the supplier lifecycle, from onboarding and monitoring to information-sharing and risk management.


Centralize, Standardize, and Optimize Contract Management

Our robust, easy-to-configure platform centralizes essential capabilities to help legal, sales, finance, and operations teams overcome complexity at every stage - accelerating compliance, value extraction, and revenue growth.

Automated Processes

Revnue offers a robust suite of supplier management tools to help enhance your business efficiency. Manage supplier contracts with our intuitive platform. Create custom reports and dashboards that give you access to important terms and conditions, financials, assets, and supplier information through Advanced Analytics – all with the click of a button.

Supplier Sustainability

Revnue takes the guesswork out of supplier management and contract renewals. Now you can invite a supplier and track every contract to ensure compliance. Collaborate in real-time with suppliers for easier workflow. Control the supplier management process through procurement, acquisition, and license management.

More Control

Facing a data gap in your supplier management processes? Revnue lets you instantly see key financial metrics – current, monthly, and annual spend, spend per supplier, and more with our supplier intelligence tools. Better data means delivering on your promises to your customers and stakeholders.

Join The Innovators and Industry Leaders

See how Revnue has helped leading companies transform operations. Schedule a demo to experience our contract lifecycle management and asset lifecycle management platform customized for your unique business needs.

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Our Features

Revnue’s advanced AI features empower teams to collaborate on creating contracts,
streamline processes and improve their productivity.

Unlimited Integrations

Integrate with your existing business applications using Revnue’s public API and Zapier integrations.

Business Intelligence

Leverage intelligent dashboards and reports for better decision-making.


Send contracts for review and signature, send reminders, and create signature workflows.

Smart Alerts & Notifications

Stay ahead of contract milestone dates and set appropriate alerts for contract renewals and due dates.


Transform digital images or handwritten notes into machine-readable texts.

Smart Alerts & Notifications

Stay ahead of contract milestone dates and set appropriate alerts for contract renewals and due dates.

Custom Fields

Capture important contract, asset, customer, or supplier information designed to make reporting easier and more powerful.

Contract Authoring and Negotiation

Create contracts, collaborate with other users, place comments, review, redline, build clause library, and track version history.

Reduce Costs. Enhance Partnerships. Maximize Efficiency.

Schedule a demo to transform your supplier management today.


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