Managed Contracts Assets SaaS Suppliers Negotiation Reporting as-a-Service

What is Contract Management as a Service?

Revnue’s Contract Management as-a-Service is a fully managed version of our contract management platform,  delivered to you as a service .  We handle everything for you, including: Onboarding, Discovery, Assessment, Advisory services, and more.


We take care of onboarding all of your contracts, existing and new. Never worry about who has the contract again.


Our service also includes onboarding all of your assets into Revnue (hardware, software, SaaS subscriptions, etc.).


Managing suppliers is tough. We make it easy for you by capturing all your supplier data and keeping it updated.


All active CMaaS customers receive contract, asset, and supplier onboarding as part of the managed service.


Every month you'll receive a report of your contracts, assets and suppliers, as well as tracking important contract milestones.


CMaaS includes contract advisory services and access to preferred pricing through our partner network.

Value-Add for Your Customers

Are you a VAR, MSP, ISP, or Professional Services organization? Consider sponsoring a Revnue account for your customers to help them solve their Contract Management challenges.

Customized Solutions for CMaaS

We now offer customized solutions to extend the capabilities and functions of CMaaS, or to address a specific industry or vertical challenge you might have.

Managed Services

Benefits of a Managed Service

  • Predictable Spend & Pricing
  • Avoid Operational Overhead
  • Leverage our Expertise & Experience
  • Realize Value Quicker
  • Single POC for Escalation
  • Minimize Employee Disruption