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Meet Rose, CFO

Top pain points:

  • Lack of accuracy of installed assets & reporting
  • Delayed decision-making due to unavailability of data
  • Revenue loss/leakage due to unintended contract renewal
  • Disconnect between finance budgeting and departments

How Revnue’s finance contract management software can help:

  • Drive your business forward with deep analytics, powerful search capabilities, and easy access to all your contract, asset, customer, and supplier information.
  • Integrate with existing business applications (CRM, ERP, DCIM, Tax, Legal, and more!) using enterprise-wide API for a truly unified contract management and data analytics Experience.
  • Automate manual business processes and eliminate wasting valuable time
  • Create custom reports and dashboards that give you access to important terms and conditions, financials, assets, and supplier information through Advanced Analytics
  • Track contracts due dates on buy-side and sell-side
  • Improve productivity and ensure contract compliance with finance contract management software.

Everything you need to know

Finance Leaders understand the importance of contracts and the effect they can have on business performance and risk. Revnue’s contract management platform can provide Finance teams with key information, including:

Important Contract Terms and Conditions and Terminus Dates

Cost and Spend Analytics

Restrictive Covenants

Access to NDA’s and MSA’s

Extended support, value and savings through Revnue’s Procurement-as-a-Service offering

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