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Meet Reese, Head of People

Her Top pain points:

  • Variety of templated contracts
  • Contractor & employee staffing agreements
  • New policy sign-off
  • Compliance and organization
  • Varying T’s and C’s based on staff seniority

How Revnue’s HR contract management software can help:

  • Gain instant visibility on contracts, assets, suppliers, and customer data with
  • Revnue’s powerful search capabilities
  • Easy, accurate access to contracts
  • Organizational changes
  • Self-service contract authoring, e-Signature & workflow
  • Manage HR related litigation
  • Manage outsourced service providers

Simplify your HR Document Management process with Revnue’s intuitive contract management platform.

With Revnue, take charge and simplify how you manage:

Full-Time and Contingent Staff Contracts

HRIS Policies, Documents, and Contracts

Offer Letters

Vendor and Supplier Contracts

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