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Meet Tracy, Head of Procurement

His top pain points:

  • Spend analysis by vendor, region, technology, etc.
  • Supplier management & collaboration
  • Pricing & discount negotiations
  • Managing warranties and support agreements

How Revnue’s procurement contract management software can help:

  • Instantly see key financial metrics – current, monthly and annual spend, spend per supplier and more
  • Ability to take and assign action on contract due dates
  • Invite a supplier and track every contracts and asset to ensure compliance
  • Assign assets to different business units
  • Track assets and services associated with contracts
  • Collaborate in real-time with suppliers for easier workflow

Procurement Teams can benefit both from Revnue’s contract management platform and Procurement-as-a-Service offering. Scale your team with Revnue, and speak with us today to see how our Procurement-as-a-Service and RevNet network of suppliers can reduce your costs and optimize your spend.

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