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Revnue delivers enterprise-grade security and compliance while giving you control over your data.

Product Security at Revnue®

Revnue® includes a robust set of security and data protection product features that enable you to maintain the control, visibility and flexibility you need to manage your security challenges.

Identity & Access Controls

  • Single Sign-On with Microsoft or Google Identity Accounts
  • Session Duration
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Role-Based Access

Data Protection

  • Encryption at Rest
  • Encryption In-Transit

Security Architecture & Practices

Our security approach focuses on security governance, risk management and compliance. In addition to encryption at rest and in transit, we employ industry best practices, including:

  • Network security and server hardening
  • Administrative access controls
  • Context-based Multi-Factor Authentication
  • System monitoring
  • Logging and alerting
  • Multiple backups and replication.

Compliance at Revnue®

Security is built into every aspect of the Revnue® platform without sacrificing usability, extensibility or collaboration. Revnue® has earned ISO27001:2013 certification, demonstrating Revnue’s commitment to customer and data security.

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Privacy at Revnue®

Customer privacy and trust is built into everything we do. We protect your data and give you the tools you need to ensure privacy where required.

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Cookie Policy at Revnue®

Our cookie policy explains what technologies we use as well as your rights to control our use of them.

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Terms of Service at Revnue®

Our Terms of Service describe all the terms of service and conditions when you subscribe to and use the Revnue Platform and any of our other products or services.

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Acceptable Usage Policy at Revnue®

Discover our policies around use of our platform.

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