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Revnue is transforming digital contract management for customers across Tech, Retail, Healthcare, Real Estate, Supply Chain, Legal, Finance, Energy, and many more


The Future of Contract SaaS Asset Supplier Hardware Licensing Software Management is Here.

We believe that AI can shape the future of digital contract management, irrespective of the industry or the size of your enterprise.

With integrated Assets, SaaS, and Services Management, Revnue is the only unified platform, on both the buy-side and sell-side, that provides end-to-end visibility across contracts, suppliers, customers, assets, SaaS, and services.

  • Intelligent Contract Management
  • Integrated Assets and SaaS Management
  • Integrated Supplier Management
  • Smart & Secure Repository
  • Easy to Use & Intuitive
Advanced Analytics

Actionable Insights, delivered

Simplify contract management for your users. Discover opportunities to reduce costs, maximize value, and optimize in ways that you never knew existed, and without the management overhead.

With enterprise-wide integration, Revnue can provide deep and actionable insights across multiple business systems.

  • See Critical Contract Terms & Conditions
  • Access all critical contract dates and milestones
  • Collaborate across your team for greater efficiencies
  • Leverage our powerful API for enterprise-wide integrations
Limitless Extensibility

Scale & Extensibility by Design

Revnue was built from the group up to scale and meet the needs of customers of all sizes, verticals, and locations.

  • Custom Fields enable customization across all organizationt ypes
  • Customize Revnue for any vertical or buy pre-built templates
  • Extend metadata to capture key business context
  • Scale from small business to global enterprise
  • Search extensible attributes for deeper insights
Built for you

Managed Services
Global Partnerships

Revnue was built for you. We have a growing partner ecosystem that enables partners to deliver custom integration, industry-specific customizations, and custom BI/analytics. Revnue also provides several onboarding services that enable you to realize value with the least amount of effort.

  • Advanced Onboarding Services - 1 to 10,000+ Contracts
  • Customized Contract, Asset or Supplier Solutions
  • Growing Global Partner Ecosystem
  • Custom integrations using Revnue's Open API
  • Industry-Specific Customizations
  • Global Support