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Meet Rian, VP IT

His top pain points:

  • Staying on top of renewals
  • Renegotiating terms with vendors as headcount increases
  • How to properly model costs per employee, or per office location
  • Tracking assets and serial numbers listed in ServiceNow

How Revnue’s IT contract management software can help:

  • Set early reminders for contract renewals, delegate to specific staff
  • Save costs with better negotiation by having quick access to competitive solutions
  • Track all assets, serial numbers, warranties and support agreements
  • Capture all the important contract information such as hardware type, asset tag, storage capacity using Custom Fields
  • Enhanced Collaboration & Security with Single Sign-On and Unlimited User access. Full RBAC support.

With constantly evolving business requirements and needs, IT is often asked to do more with less. A comprehensive contract management platform like Revnue can help IT organizations simplify:

IT Asset Management from the Data Center, End-User Computing, Servers, Networking, and Cloud Assets

Vendor and Suppliers Management from procurement, to acquisition, to license management

Minimize Support and Service Disruptions cause by missed contract renewals

Financial Management through greater visibility of spend, upcoming and expired contracts, and leveraging Revnue’s Procurement-as-a-Service offering

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