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Meet Rubi, Legal Counsel

Her top pain points:

  • Locating contracts
  • Maintaining compliance and mitigating risk
  • Accelerate negotiations and redline process
  • Post signature business intelligence

How Revnue can help with legal contract management software:

  • Search any term, condition, or keyword from any contract….even images
  • Mirror all contracts in central repository for compliance and governance
  • Integrate with your existing applications using Revnue’s powerful public API
  • Proactive alerts and reminders
  • Create custom fields

Legal Departments review every contract and are ultimately responsible for safeguarding against risk. Legal teams are attempting to digitize the way they operate. Revnue’s contract management software for legal teams makes it easy with a workflow that connects colleagues in a transparent and efficient manner. Revnue includes contract creation, pre-signature negotiations, e-Signature, contract execution, and post-signature business intelligence.

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