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Meet Reed, Head of Sales

His top pain points:

  • Stalled sales cycles due to negotiations and redlining agreements.
  • Notifying customers about price changes, or end of life notifications
  • Missed contract renewals

How Revnue’s sales contract management software can help:

  • Collaborate with internal and external teams during redline process
  • Contracts mirrored and stored securely, helping you gain full visibility and reporting with an extensive search capability
  • Create customized milestones and alerts to stay on top of your business
  • Efficiently track ACV (Annual Contract Values)
  • Maintain a proactive relationship with customers by staying ahead of renewals and purchases
  • Leverage contract data for greater upsell opportunities
    Seamless integration to CRM and other tools

Sales professionals often negotiate as much internally with their own finance department as they do with their customers. What terms were agreed to in the last contract? Does this customer have a pricing letter or an MSA in place? As many sellers agree, time kills all deals and every negotiation cycle is a slowdown. Contract Management Software for sales teams can help build revenue.

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