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Transform your Business with Revenue Contract Management Software

A revenue contract management software does more than just organize your contracts. It helps businesses trace all contract information, track revenue and spending, stay ahead of renewals and monitor compliance. Poor contract revenue management can result in numerous hazards and can hurt your business financially. Did you know that a business can lose 9% of… Read more »

breach of contract

What is a breach of contract? How can it impact business?

Siemens Enterprise Communications, Inc. (formerly Siemens AG) is a German conglomerate and one of the largest corporations in the world. In May 1999, the company lost $5 million to a lawsuit filed against it by another Software company Affinitec. The latter claimed that Siemens had breached most of its contract conditions. Siemens, instead of honoring… Read more »

AI in CLM Software

Transforming Contract Lifecycle Management with Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence today has successfully disrupted contract lifecycle management through automation and analytics. Its deep learning and language comparison capabilities have made CLM software a great business tool for improving sales and growth. In fact, AI is no more just part of a CLM software, it is in fact driving the efficacy of the system.… Read more »

benefits of using eSignature software

What are the Benefits of Using eSignature Software for Businesses?

Every organization has tons of paperwork in its everyday functioning. This includes agreements, contracts, forms, and documents to be signed. One of the most advanced ways to sign documents is using eSignatures. Electronic signatures free you from the hassle of manually tracking who signed which document and if all stakeholders signed the latest version. Businesses… Read more »

Pre-signature Phase in Contract Management

Significance of Pre-signature Phase in Contract Management

Any task looks difficult unless it is done for the first time and then repeated. This is especially true in the case of contract lifecycle management. The drafting of the contract before it is signed is a tedious process that requires manpower and time. However, once that stage is crossed successfully, it becomes easier to… Read more »

electronic signatures

What are Electronic Signatures ?

Businesses have switched from printed copies of documents to digitalized options, mostly stored in the cloud. Consequently, even signatures have become digitalized. Today, signing contracts and letters digitally is a common business practice. Let’s know more about electronic signatures in business. A Quick Introduction Electronic signatures or e-signatures are a way to legally sign contracts… Read more »

Contract Management Workflow with eSignatures

How to Accelerate your Contract Management Workflow with eSignatures

Have you ever thought about why eSignatures are replacing wet signatures? Relying on wet signatures or signatories by pen and paper is time-consuming. This can be translated as a delay in executing critical business processes. Wet signatures are costly. You need to prepare tons of documents, ship them, and then wait for an indefinite period… Read more »