Speed up the entire contract lifecycle so you can focus on what matters most for your business!

Revnue contract management software helps businesses by automating contract management tasks, improving collaboration and compliance, enhancing risk management, providing greater visibility into contract portfolios, and reducing costs associated with contract management.

Streamlined contracting process

Contracting processes can be complex and time-consuming, involving multiple stakeholders and various steps. Revnue helps organizations streamline the entire contracting process by providing the ability to save and use standard contract templates and clauses, automate signature workflows, monitor and measure performance, and more.

Increased efficiency

Automate many of the manual tasks associated with contract management, such as data entry, tracking contract changes, and sending reminders. This can save time and improve efficiency, allowing staff to focus on more strategic tasks.

Improved contract visibility and tracking

With Revnue’s Smart Repository, organizations can centralize all contracts in one place, allowing them to easily search and retrieve contracts when needed. They can also set up alerts for key contract milestones, such as expiration dates or renewal deadlines, to ensure timely action is taken.

Risk management

Mitigate risk by identifying potential contract issues, such as non-compliance with regulatory requirements or missing key contract clauses. Revnue can also help track key performance indicators, such as contract value, to ensure that contracts are meeting their intended objectives.

Better collaboration

Revnue enables collaboration between different departments, such as legal, procurement, and sales. The software can provide role-based access to contracts and allow different stakeholders to collaborate on contract creation, negotiation, and approval.

Improved compliance

Revnue can help organizations ensure compliance with internal policies and external regulations. The software can provide visibility into contract terms and conditions, making it easier to monitor compliance and identify potential violations.

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Our Features

Revnue’s advanced AI features empower teams to collaborate on creating contracts, streamline processes and improve their productivity.

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Contract Authoring and Negotiation

Create contracts, collaborate with other users, place comments, review, redline, build clause library, and track version history.


Document Comparison

Compare agreements, identify changes, share and save comparisons, and more.



Send contracts for review and signature, send reminders, and create signature workflows.


Unified Dashboard

Gain enhanced visibility into your data with full traceability to all your contract, asset, service, and customer data in a single pane of glass.



Transform digital images or handwritten notes into machine-readable texts.


Business Intelligence

Leverage intelligent dashboards and reports for better decision-making.


Custom Fields

Capture important contract, asset, customer, or supplier information designed to make reporting easier and more powerful.


Smart Alerts & Notifications

Stay ahead of contract milestone dates and set appropriate alerts for contract renewals and due dates.


Unlimited Integrations

Integrate with your existing business applications using Revnue’s public API and Zapier integrations.

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