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Contract Management Benefits

7 Industries That Cannot Do Without Contract Management

The year is 2013. Facebook’s team is  trying to detect a breach of its contract with British consulting firm Cambridge Analytica. The latter had collected personal data of millions of users without consent, to be used for political advertising later. What followed next was a series of negative publicity that damaged Facebook’s stock value, eliminating… Read more »

Digital Contract Management

What Is Digital Contract Management and Why Do Companies Need It?

Businesses revolve around contracts. And contracts pile up as organizations grow and the number of transactions increases. That’s when companies realize they need a process for storing, tracking, analyzing contracts to reduce financial risk and maximize operational and financial performance. A digital information system that saves and manages a company’s contracts and other contract-related documents… Read more »

Intelligent Contract Management

How Intelligent Contract Management software Helps Save Costs

Contract management has always been a top priority for businesses, but managing them efficiently and intelligently, without putting in hours of effort, is something that many still find challenging. In this article, we will cover some of the ways in which you can save costs through an intelligent contract management software and how Revnue helps you in… Read more »

Contract Management for CFO

A CFO’s Perspective On Contract Management

As CFOs manage everything that the company buys and sells, they have to deal with hundreds and thousands of contracts on a daily basis. They are not only responsible for managing costs and improving operational performance, but also drive innovations and play an active role in business strategy. And for this, they need the right… Read more »

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