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Go Beyond Contracts

Revnue offers a full range of diligent onboarding services, anticipating your needs before they arise.  We apply our decades of hands-on experience to help bring contract intelligence to everyone in your organization. We are committed to making you successful with contract transformation services.

Dedicated Contract Management Team
Delivered to you as a concierge service, your dedicated Contract Management Team (CMT) will automatically manage and onboard your contract, asset, supplier, and customer information. You will also have a dedicated Customer Success Manager to act as your single point of contact for all your support needs.

Custom integration
With our existing Zapier and API integration, you already have access to integrate with over 4,000 applications. For customers, ISV’s, or VAR’s who require deeper integration with their existing applications, reporting, or other custom needs, Revnue’s services team is ready to build your custom integration.

Formal contract management process & practice
With Revnue’s end-to-end contract management lifecycle (CLM) platform, we can help your business develop a new or expand an existing contract management program for greater efficiency, cost savings, and compliance across your entire business.

Custom Reports & Business Analytics
Expand your reporting and analytics capabilities with Revnue’s Managed Analytics service. Similar to our dedicated Contract Management Team (CMT) service, you’ll have a concierge service to help create the dashboards and reports you need to drive better decision making and drive greater efficiencies – all without having your own internal business or analytics team.

Jumpstart assessment
Revnue provides you with a complete assessment of all technology, cloud, datacenter, security, development, staffing contracts, and spend. Using data discovered through the assessment, our team will co-develop a comprehensive technology strategy and roadmap.

Due Diligence
Our due diligence management software is designed to bring greater visibility into your deal through modern contract management. We expose all the relevant data hidden within your target company’s contracts to determine any potential deal-breakers, separation or integration risks and challenges, along with deep insight into technology debt and constraints. Our on-demand due diligence service offers timely and accurate results.

Revnue’s procurement-as-a-service manages the entire process of buying services and products that are critical to your business through our global partners. We can source, negotiate, and maximize the value of your investment with on-demand procurement services.

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