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Most Common Contract Disputes

Introduction As much as you may wish that every professional relationship were positive, you and your business will inevitably face conflicts. However, some of these disagreements can quickly turn into legal battles with angry customers, unreasonable landlords, and disappointing business partnerships if you don’t approach them carefully. So, to set yourself up for the fewest… Read more »

contract management for healthcare

The Significance of Contract Management for Healthcare

There was a 154% increase in telehealth consultation in March 2020 in the United States, compared to the same time in 2019, according to CDC. Add to that a plethora of telemedicine apps that made their way into Apple and Google stores. You may not have realized but most such healthcare apps and telemedicine apps… Read more »

Contract Management Software Pricing

Contract Management Software Pricing Guide

Contract management is an important part of any business, irrespective of its size or nature. Enterprises have to spend a considerable amount of time creating and managing contracts. When your process is manual and includes too many administrative tasks, the expensive human resources of the company can easily be pulled into low-value administrative tasks. And… Read more »

contract management for finance team

Why Contract Management is Critical for Finance Teams

In matters of money, accountability is an essential commodity. Companies and governments around the world spend a considerable amount of their money in ensuring that their capital is put to good use and that there are no frauds, irregularities, or embezzlements. Yet, financial frauds make headlines every now and then, putting finance teams in an… Read more »


How Intelligent Contract Management helps Shorten Sales Cycles

If you had to name two departments within a business known to do their jobs well, yet quite thanklessly, it would be – sales and HR. These teams face the highest level of expectations with the least amount of empathy. Yet, we all know how much modern enterprises spend on customer acquisition today. Customer acquisition… Read more »

Contract Management for Procurement

Importance of Contract Management in Procurement

It is 2022, and quite clear that contract management is not just a department handled by the legal team of any organization. It is a function that helps businesses get profitable outcomes from contracts and therefore, is an integral part of the day-to-day life of all the departments. We have discussed the efficiency of a… Read more »

Contract Management Best Practices

Contract Management Best Practices for Modern Businesses

Managing contracts sometimes can become so daunting that you may need help at several fronts – legal, managerial, operational, strategic, and so on. A company may be dealing with vendors from different countries and laws differ from state to state. This makes room for several grey areas and not everyone knows the rules or the… Read more »

Why legal teams love Revnue

Why legal teams love Revnue Contract Management Platform

Legal professionals are often overworked and stressed as they deal with tricky issues each day. Working tirelessly, they are always on the lookout for ways to stay informed so that they can solve business problems proactively and help their organization plan for the future. One of the most manually-tiring tasks that many lawyers still continue… Read more »

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